Forward Steps Mobility specialises in blindness and low vision
Orientation & Mobility services

We assist adults and children who experience ocular and cortical blindness, or low vision.

Our services are offered on the Gold Coast, extending to other SEQ areas and the Tweed Coast.

Forward Steps Mobility actively assists individuals, by delivering services that develop, maintain, re-establish, or extend upon, safe and dignified independent travel abilities within the community.

Our highly experienced, dedicated, and qualified Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Specialist, has lived and worked within the blindness and low vision disability sector, on the Gold Coast, for over 20 years.

Importantly, we understand the functional affects, and associated impact of vision loss on a person’s independence and confidence; moreover, on their unique and connected social, educational, recreational, spiritual, cultural, vocational, and psycho-social inclusion within the community.

Service Programs Offered:

Forward Steps Mobility offers a range of professionally tailored Orientation & Mobility (O&M) programs, in most community environments.

We understand the importance of delivering training approaches, designed to promote possibilities and successful outcomes.

Our reputable services are invaluable for building confidence and transitioning individuals to independence.

    Photo of a young lady with a multi-coloured long cane and her retired dog guide

    Photo of a young man walking with a long cane

     Program Types:

    • White Cane & Mobility Aid Advice
    • White Cane Training & Refresher
    • Travel Route Training
    • Sensory, Spatial & Body Concept Development
    • Guiding Methods & Considerations
    • Public & Community Transport Strategies
    • Orientation Skills Development
    • Independent Travel Skills Strategies
    • Dog Guide Mobility – Travel Route Training, & Pre-Requisite Preparations
    • Residual Vision Maximisation Techniques
    • Mini-Guide Training & Refresher
    • Road Crossing Strategies
    • Advice, Information & Training on Specific Daily Living Tasks

    NDIS Funded Services

    Forward Steps Mobility provides the following services to clients with self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding:

      • Supporting Free NDIS Pre-Planning Appointments, Including a Written Service Plan Summary


      • Delivering Individually Tailored Adult Training Programs


      • Delivering Individually Tailored Children’s Training Programs – (Toddlers to Teens)


      • Providing Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood


      • Providing Individual Assessment Programs


      • Promoting Capacity for Independent Community Access, Participation & Inclusion


      • Supporting Free NDIS Plan Reviews


      • Offering Tailored Training Programs to Tourists Visiting the Gold Coast


      • Running Tailored Group Programs


      • Engaging Person-Centred & Family-Centred Practice


      • Offering Competitive Rates (Locally)


    Forward Steps Mobility is here to equip, empower, and support each individual’s journey to independence; we consider it a privilege, and a matter of the heart.

     We excel in providing genuine, caring, compassionate, and empathetic service delivery approaches.


    Service Quality:

    Our service delivery follows guidelines from the Orientation & Mobility Association of Australasia’s (OMAA’s) Quality Framework – Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

    Our service delivery also follows guidelines from the NDIS Code of Conduct Quality Framework – safe and ethical service delivery practices.


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